Xie Guanghua”: A “Sentinel” of Beijing-Guangzhou Route

Beijing-Guangzhou Route, the railway artery in China, witnesses hundreds of trains passing through by every day. Beijing-Guangzhou route from K2173 + 500 m to K2184+ 00 m is the jurisdictional limits of the Police service area in FeiLaiXia. During this 10.5 railway distance, there are nearly one third of the lines are bridge, tunnel and culvert, which makes the topography complicated and public security management difficult. Xie Guanghua was allocated to this jurisdiction to be the station police along this railway in 2005 and has been stationed for 7 years.

In order to be safe he spend money to raise a Chinese rural dog called Mong Tsai.

Living in the 9th floor without elevator, her old mother cannot provide and take care for herself, and his wife is also a railway worker, busy with travel always. Loyalty and filial piety cannot be satisfactory to both sides, which makes he feel hurt in his heat deeply. As long as he is off-duty at home, he always accompanies old mother to give her comfort and relief.

Daily patrol mission of 10 km is not an easy sport. Daily climbing car inspection for several times, for his more than 50 years age is also not a simple.

He purchased cement and brick to close off the important place and part where the villagers go in and out frequently to ensure safety.

In his unremitting efforts, the police district realized zero record of incidence of criminal offenses for five categories for five straight years.

He takes the initiative to contact and communicate with the local Public Security Committee and comprehensive department; meanwhile, he also visits all villages house-to-house for a long time.

Work in the police district cannot go on smoothly without auxiliary police gracious assistance. Xie Guanghua as a heartwarming auxiliary police always visits, talks, and chats with them to form a united team.

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