Harbin Polarland

Harbin Polarland is located in Songbei District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is the world’s first polar performance amusement park, one of the four major scenic spots of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, a national 4A tourist attraction, and China’s first amusement park with polar animal entertainment performances as the core. It features the most comprehensive show of Antarctic and Polar animals and polar animals and it was selected as the “Global Outstanding Scenic Spot” by the world’s largest travel website “Trip Advisor”.

Harbin Polarland is a polar performing arts amusement park. It has a complete range of polar animal and polar animal shows. In Harbin Polarland, in addition to watching polar bears, penguins, seals, rays and other polar animals and marine fishes, you can also enjoy the beluga show “Heart of the Sea” and see the two beluga stars “Mila” and “Nikola” work with two beautiful trainers to form a heart-shaped pattern and stage a romantic and beautiful story. The interior imitates the cabin design and adopts a one-way tour method, but it can be visited repeatedly.

The setting of Harbin Polarland is very high. Not only have polar bears and penguins successfully become neighbors here, but they also gather many species of animals that are very precious, cherished or rare in the world. The scenic spot is not mainly for watching animals themselves, but for animal performing arts and entertainment. The performance styles are diverse, mature, beautifully arranged, and highly enjoyable. There are many miraculous animals, such as the world’s only polar beluga underwater show, and the world’s first Antarctic penguin born in an inland city.

There are more polar animals in Harbin Polarland, and less marine life. It is suitable for taking children to take a look. Moreover, Harbin Polarland is very close to Sun Island. You can also go to Sun Island to play from the Polarland.

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