Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay, known as Oriental Hawaii, has always been the favorite place of northerners in the winter. The sun, the waves, the beach and the food make the visitors return to the summer sun from the ice and snow. The beach here is good, it is bustling but not noisy, there are many couples who take wedding photos on the beach. The water sports on the sea are still on stage, and the motorboat is still very exciting. It is worth recommending playing there for one day. Sanya is really hot all year round, so do remember to apply sunscreen.

The blue sky, the calm sea, the large clouds, the layers of blue, form the beautiful and harmonious picture of Yalong Bay, in which you only want the quiet time at this moment to slowly pass. The beaches of Yalong Bay are the most beautiful scenery in Sanya. There is the freshest air, the blue waters and the softest beaches. Many water entertainment projects attract countless tourists. You can watch the white clouds blossoming and blow the sea breeze against the sun to enjoy the blue sky and the blue sea.

In the morning, the sun on the beach of Yalong Bay has risen. The soft morning light passes over the beach, with a thin layer of metallic luster. The morning breeze is slightly scented. You will like this natural taste. The taste of the sea is different from the perfume. With a hint of warmth and sunshine, the Yalong Bay makes you boiling. At this moment, the beach is very gentle and you can feel your body temperature. There are very few people on the beach in the morning. Compared to the noisy crowd, Yalong Bay in the morning is definitely a great place for you. Here, you will fall in love with this sea. Even lying on the beach in a daze, you will feel that the world is full of love.

The End of the Earth and the Corner

The End of the Earth and the Corner is one attraction with big reef stones among so many attractions in Sanya. It is an embellishment on the same seascape, giving you more elements to take photos and taking pictures at sunset is really a great thing, which will feel very romantic.

The End of the Earth and the Corner is a very famous attraction in Hainan. It has a panoramic view of the stone carvings such as “Tianya”, “Haijiao” and “Nantianyizhu”. The sea is clear with a lot of sails on it, the coconut wind is soft, and you can taste the beautiful world and feel the story of romantic love there. At noon, the sun is shining and, on the road leading to the horizon, there are high coconut trees, banana trees, dense vegetation; the green and yellow lawns have already offset the heat of the sun and the reef.

Going to The End of the Earth and the Corner is not just to view a stone, it is synonymous with romance, and it is the pinning of love. For the sea area where the End of the Earth and the Corner is located, the water pollution is very small, and it is very clear, and the sand and stones are soft, and it is very pleasant to walk along the beach. Inevitably, it will be a bit hot. In general, the visual feelings and the expectations of the feelings are still worth the price. There is nothing delicious near the scenic spot, and you have to go back to the city to have dinner.

Strolling on the soft sand, enjoying the sun and the sea breeze and viewing the sea, the coconut trees with different postures, the blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, beaches, coconut trees, you will feel it really a romantic and beautiful place. Looking back at the place where there are coconut and sea, you will like the thick tropical style which creates an infinite reverie. This kind of beauty is like a fairyland, and this kind of beauty is like a scroll. Use the photos you take there to finish your tour of The End of the Earth and the Corner, and let the beauty of The End of the Earth and the Corner be forever.

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

If you are going to visit the Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone, you should prepare mobile phone waterproof bag, umbrella, sunscreen spray, wipes or paper towels, goggles or waterproof glasses, a lot of cash, dry towels, etc. in advance. You can buy a package ticket of 998 yuan / person before going to the island, which includes diving, island excursions and other water sports. The waters of Wuzhizhou Island are blue-green, just like what it is showed on the propaganda map. But the sea waters pat on the face, which will make you can’t open your eyes, and it is very irritating to the eyes. So, if you don’t like these items, we don’t recommend you buying such tickets, or you should bring waterproof glasses. You must first dive and then travel to the island and then play the water project because there are a lot of people waiting in line to go diving, and it will take you about 1 hour to queue for it, and after the diving it has been noon time. Diving suits are public free, fish food and mouth plugs are 20 yuan for each, but it is recommended that you do not have to buy them, because even if you do not take fish food, there are many fish in the water.

After the water project is finished, it is almost 15:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The sightseeing car will leave at 16:00 o’clock in the afternoon, so the time to visit the Wuzhizhou island is very tight, and the scenery on the island is simply beautiful. You can enjoy the captivating sea and sky, which are the endless and the vastness of the sea and the sky.

Wuzhizhou Island is very good. It’s really regrettable if you go to Sanya without going to Wuzhizhou Island. The sea is crystal clear and the sand is delicate and shows the ivory white color. Sitting on the sightseeing car to visit the island slowly, you will feel it really good. Every time you go to an attraction, you can turn around and feel the sea scenery there, and your mood will become clear.

There are too many people during the Spring Festival visiting the Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone, and it will waste too much time queuing, and the price is high. It is recommended to go to the Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone during the off-season. Staying in the island for one night, and you can definitely see the more beautiful view in the morning.