My Mother Is My Feet

Deng Yan, a 15-year-old girl living in Xiatangzhang village, Xiangshui town, Pan County of Guizhou province, has suffered congenital dwarfism when she was three years old and now is less than 70 cm tall. Her mother, Ao Xue Gui has been carrying her to school on foot with 4 km mountain road for nine years like one day. She has told the world with her own actions that she is a qualified good mother.

From Deng Yan’s home to school is all the rugged mountain road and it takes nearly 1 hour walking there for a normal people, which makes it almost impossible for Deng Yan to do that. Picture shows that the mother is preparing for the daughter going to school.

Deng Yan said: “My mother starts carrying me to school on her shoulder when I’m on grade one in my 6 years old, no matter it’s windy or rainy or hot weather, I have never be late, nor delay for a day’s work, because my mother is my feet. Picture shows that her parents help Deng Yan wear shoes and clothes before going to school every time meticulously.

“Though my daughter is disabled, she is smart and studious, especially likes painting and singing, I want to use your shoulders to pave a road to school for my daughter, and I will not let daughter out of school.” Said Ao Xue Gui. Picture shows that Deng Yan insist on not let mom take her upstairs after reaching school, waving hands to let mother back home.

After school, Deng Yan feels very warm and safe when lying on her mother’s shoulder on their way home.

AoXueGui is carrying Deng Yan in this way and walk for an hour mountain road home from school every day.

Deng Yan can deal with basic independent living herself, but some things have to ask her mother for help sometimes. She said she has a great dream, which is to help her mother to live a good and happy life, not laborious and fatica anymore. This desire has always supported her until now, and she hopes one day she can repay mother well.

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