An 81-year-old man—A Grave Keeper for 34 Unknown Soldiers for 65 Years

An old man, 34 soldiers tombs. Huzhaolun, a farmer of 81 years old in Chenji Village Huaiyuan County in Anhui Province, makes obligations to protect the most sacred soldiers in his heart at the tomb of the unknown. More than half a century, he goes to the tomb to turn a few laps everyday and clean the dead twigs and withered leaves. In the Spring Festival and the tomb-sweeping day, he is always holding a memorial ceremony for tomb, never stop. He said, during the course of his life he will always be here after the Martyrs cemetery is completed. 

Though the tombs have changed a lot during several decades, the old man’s memory has never disappeared.

As the revolutionary education base of the Chenji Village, Some primary and secondary schools, organizations often organize party members and cadres and students to visit and grave, and every time Hu Zhaolun are voluntarily come forward to tell them the heroic deeds of the martyrs.

Over the years, the biggest wish of this old man Hu Zhaolun is to hope that the government builds a cemetery for the martyrs. Today, his desire is gradually realized.

The local government has set up the table for the unknown soldiers and built fences and gradually moved those other 50 scattering soldiers’ tombs to Hu Zhaolun’s village to set it into a cemetery of revolutionary martyrs for future generations to admire. Photo shows that Hu Zhaolun and his wife are resting in their yard.

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