Xin Tian Di is the former old city area of French Quarter of Shanghai. It has been transformed by the American architect Benjamin T. Woodand and Japanese Company Nikken Sekkai during the last decade. Shui On Group, the Hong Kong developer has revolutionized the urban planning and development in China. They have turned the old Chinese as well as foreign style buildings into the residential and a ritzy entertainment area for wealthy and expats people.


XIn TIan Di

They have also preserved the charm of the old style buildings. This has allowed the space for open air and environment that is friendly in opposition to the noisy urban areas of most of the cities. IT is a pedestrian area having a  ready transportation through the nearby metro shops. It has now became the model for the urban redevelopment in the inner city areas of china. It is also one of the favorite entertainment areas in Shanghai despite its small area.

Xintiandi has basically tow city blocks and covers about 128 acres in Shanghai’s center  It has one favorable location between the residence of former president Sun Yat Sen and a small park with pond. This area has been once a part of the wealthy International Settlement. Each of the building in this area exhibits its own unique and mix of international styles. Most of them are mix of Chinese and western styles.



More than 170 million US dollar was spent by the Shui On group for the re innovation of this whole area. They have preserved many of the 19th century style of Shikumen in the buildings of the northern part of Xin Tian DI and modern buildings were constructed in the southern part. Most of the luxury brand companies have set up their restaurants and boutiques in side these buildings. You will be amazed to see the interior decors that depicts the lot of detail, wealth and energy.


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