Wenchuan Earthquake Museum Is Open to Public and Saluting Child LangZheng Resalutes

On May 9, 013, after more than two years of tension construction, the “Liefeng” 5 · 12 Wenchuan earthquake memorial hall in Beichuan of Sichuan is open free of charge in the face of the social public. Exhibition hall has more than 6000 pictures, in-kind exhibitionsto reshow the glorious history of the “5 · 12” earthquake in Sichuan from the ruins to freshmen, from the solemn and prosperity. Picture shows that in the flag-raising ceremony of the “5 · 12” Wenchuan earthquake memorial Hall the saluting child LangZheng resalutes to thank the party and the government’s care.

Before the meeting, LangZheng is nervous, and the author Yang Weihua cheers for him.

Picture shows the little Langzheng before taking the saluting when he was out of the hospital in 2008.

The last part of the Memorial hall is to express the gratitude to people all over the country and the people’s liberation army who did their best to the earthquake relief work in the form of saluting by the littlel LangZheng.

“I know these people’s liberation army and it is who saved me out from the earthquake rubble”, said Langzheng when deliberately turning out a group of pictures.

Little LangZheng is following the adults to watch the shock scenes of the Wenchuan earthquake exhibition in the memorial museum. When seeing the video of the 5 · 12 earthquake field, Langzheng covers his face with hands with dignified look.

LangZheng is in flag-rising spot of the Wenchuan Earthquake Museum.

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