Tips on Chinese language

The interest of the people in Chinese Language is growing all around the world as the development in communication and transport has made this planet seem like a small place. Mandarin or Standard Chinese is widely used mother tongue on this planet having more than 800 million speakers.

English and Mandarin are the two language of world having more than billion users. English is used by about 2 billion people and Mandarin being spoken by 1.3 billion people which includes the people using them as business language or second language.

China has many language and the Mandarin is the most famous and national language of China and Cantonese which is spoken in southeast China. There are many minority languages and dialects in China as well.

Chinese Characters is what makes the Chinese language fascinating in its written form. The characters of Chinese are the only in the form of pictorial written in modern use. They are very much rich in symbolism and have many stories behind them. They look beautiful when they are penned with a brush and written in traditional style. Chinese calligraphy and Chinese writing is highly regarded as the art form.

Chinese literature is very rich in poetry, philosophies and proverbs which are unusual as well as unique. It is the mastery of Chinese language particularly in the written form and being able reading is synonymous with being civilized in China. This is due to the development of Chinese culture for more than thousand years n relative isolation.

Most of the Chinese tourist likes to be able to speak a little bit of Chinese language and recognize few letters of Chinese. Chinese is often referred to as the most difficult language for learning on this planet. This is most due to the remembering Chinese characters which are 3-4000 in common use. Learning to read and write Chinese is a laborious process. However, you can easily learn few phrases of Chinese Language. Spoken Chinese in the form of the tonal syllables and each one corresponds to a Character of Chinese language. It can also be written using the English alphabets in notation of pronunciation called pinyin. You can try few words from Chinese in your common language and do not hesitate to learn.

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