Grand Prix Museum

The Grand Prix Museum, Macau contains the exhibits related to the Grand Prix worldwide which includes videos, photos, illustrated articles, records of champions, cups and some commemorative items. It is located at the Tourism Activities Centre of Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes. It was built in the memory of 40th anniversary of Grand Prix Racing in Macau in the Year 1933.

Grand Prix Museum

Grand Prix Museum

The Macau Grand Prix has history of more than 50 years since 1954. This museum has many items which focus on the competition and is must see destination for all F1 enthusiasts. Having more than twenty formula motorcycles and formula cars which were once driven by world renowned drivers like Michael Schumacher, Eduarfo De Carvalho and David Coulthard are here on exhibition. The racing car which is placed in the centre of the hall is the most eye-catching one. It was once driven by one of the most famous car driver Aryton Senna, who died at 1994 San Marino GP. It is white and red Formula 3 racing car with his racing helmet and racing cloth displayed here.

In addition to these things, there are projection Devices in the museum which will help you to understand the museum and the History of the Grand Prix racing competition in a better way. There are also some breathtaking scenes of GP in Macau as well as some other countries on display. If you are fascinate about the two racing car simulators which enables you experiencing the racing on the challenging track at a very high speed.


This museum was renovated by the Macau Tourism Bureau in order for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix. You can have basic knowledge as well as introduction of some great people who have made good contribution to the Macau Grand Prix and can be found easily in this museum.

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