Best Time to Visit China

The best time to visit China depends on few factors which are as follows-

  • Where do you want to go in China?
  • What do you want to do?
  • Do you like it dry or wet, or are you not bothered?
  • Do you like cold or hot or moderate weather or are you not bothered?
  • Do you want to take advantage of low season discounts?
  • Do you want to see the festivals of China¬†or seasonal attractions?
  • Do you want to avoid tourist crowds and crowded transportation?
Best Time to visit

Best Time to visit

You should avoid the major holidays of China if you do not like to participate in the celebrations. Because, the tourist areas as well as transports are full packed and the price of the hotels are doubled or even more than that. The major holidays of China are New Year, Labor Week day and national Week days apart from some small holidays.

As far as season is concerned, it depends solely upon your choice and you can travel all the year round if you are prepared with the clothing. You can enjoy different scenery in different seasons. You can choose among flower blooming, autumn hues, hot sunshine and snow-scenes.

If you are looking for a cruise on the River Li from Guilin to Yangshuo then the best time is from April to July when the scenery at these places is at its best in the mountain mist or sun and river has plenty of water. The peak tourist months at the most popular destinations are May, September and October. The weather at these times is much comfortable. But the prices for everything are high and it is crowded everywhere.

Prices are bit low during the late March and April and from June to August. But, the low season arrives during late November and continues throughout winter when there is few crowd and price is lower. IF you want to see colors of china then you can arrive in the months of late October to early December as the parts of this country is saturated with fall hues.

Flower Blossoming in China

Flower Blossoming in China

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