A Psychological Teacher from Beichuan to Lushan

In June 2010, Li XiaoJingCong graduated from southwest university of science and technology for his applied psychology major. Before graduation, he worked in psychological research institute of Chinese academy of sciences work station in Beichuan until today. Li Xiaojing intended to work in Beichuan workstation until 2013, which is the end of the fifth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, and then went to the institute of psychology for graduate student. Unfortunatly the sudden Lushan earthquake temporarily changed his mind and he went to the disaster areas to support and will work here for at least a year.

Li Xiaojing kept kicking back and forth to school each temporary housing place and doing the preparation before class. That day, boarding school official is fully restored for classes. The second day morning of the earthquake, Li Xiaojing arrived in ya ‘an, in the earthquake relief command center to connect with various departments to understand some of the actual situation.
Li Xiaojing analysis the paitings for his students there. According to the state of the children, Li Xiaojing selectively used some psychological teaching way to let them as soon as possible come back to the psychological status before the earthquake.

Children are required emergency collection by school, and Li Xiaojing alone in board room carefully to analysis the children’s homework.

Shabby board room, everyday Li Xiaojing is shuttling back and forth in every classroom, and he will be here for at least a year of work time.

Li Xiaojing is carefully listening to a child of her paintings expression, and carries on the psychological intervention.

Li Xiaojing is out of the classroom of board room, and he said, dredging the psychological condition of the children in the disaster areas could be a long-term psychological accompanying process, which lasts at less one year, and I will be here to insist on for a long time .

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