A 63 – year – old Cancer Woman Takes Care of Paraplegia Husband for 13 Years in Taiyuan

“As long as he lives, I wouldn’t give up.”Said by Wu Huaixiu, a 63-year-old woman living in Yingze district in Taiyuan city. Although she had cancer, she still keeps taking care of her paraplegic husband for 13 years.

A car accident in 2000 let Wu Huaixiu’s husband Ma Enzuo spine fracture, which caused the body below the chest totally have no consciousness, fingers cannot bend, and every day can only be collapsed on the bed with urine incontinence.

After getting out of hospital, Ma Enzuo cannot even speak any word, Wu Huaixiu take care of her husband meticulously: cook food, tidy up room, change urinary catheter, change the urine bag, help to clean body, help him do exercise and massage.

As day after day taking care of her paralyzed husband for ten years in total, the 50-year-old Wu Huaixiu got the cancer finally. “Two years ago, I found out with cervical cancer. The moment my doctor told me about it, what I had in mind was that if I died, there was no one taking care my husband.” So Wu Huaixiu made a big decision, and didn’t notice her husband and daughter and went to the operating table herself.

Wu Huaixiu had hysterectomy surgery in 2010, but still had to take medicine. Performed the operation need medication for three years in accordance with the provisions, but the cash-strapped Wu Huaixiu ate only a year of the medicine and stopped it to save money for her family.

When the weather is warm, Wu Huaixiu will push Ma Enzuo to walk in the park. They two playing badminton in the park has become a unique sight. They will show their sound by joining the chorus after playing badminton.

Wu Huaixiu taking care of her husband’s deeds for 13 years has touched by the community residents, and the community recommends Wu Huaixiu as the “Shanxi role model”, hoping to inspire more people to her spirit.

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple is located in the northeast of kunming with its shape like a willow, something long and narrow between the north and the south. Covering a total area of about 26 hectares, it is a famous attraction in Kunming with most abundant contents and visitors, especially the flower lake, animals and ancient temples there are the most attractive.

Yuantong temple is a comprehensive park which mainly displays animal. There are existing more than 140 kinds of animals with the number more than 1000. In these exotics animals, there are specialty aminals in xishuangbanna in yunnan such as buffalo, mong-la tiger, peacock and other animals, which can peep the epitome of “animal kingdom” in yunnan province. Besides, there are also some other rare animals of China including the giant panda, the east-northern tiger, the red-crowned crane and so on. There are pavilions, tables, floors, cabinets, gardens, animal farms and aquarium and playgrounds and other facilities on the Yuantong Temple, whose characteristic is to show the animal mainly, with the comprehensive landscape of all kinds of flowers. Yuantong hill is located in the city center, convenient to many tourists, which makes it become an important tourism hotspot of kunming city.

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong hill, about 50 meters higher than the city, is one of the best places to view and admire the scenery around kunming. Yuantong temple is located in south of the Yuantong Hill with yuantong street in the front, is connected with kunming zoo, whose layout is rigorous and symmetry and subject is outstanding. It is one of the oldest buddhist temple in kunming. Yuantong Temple is magnificant with its Buddha statue solemn and pavillions uqniue to make it one of the 8 famous attractions in Kunming.

Travel tips: 1) Scenic area categories: cultural landscape scenic spot; 2) Opening time: 8:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m. 3) Ticket price: 20 RMB/adult; 4) Best time to visit: March time for the plum viewing; 5) Ways to go there: take the city public buses No.4, 59, 74,83,101 to the Yuantong Mountain stop; 6) Do remember to have a taste of the vegetarian food especially the Buddhist vegetarian food there.

Crazy Express Personnel

Taobao grasped the business chance on December 12, 2012 to launch the double twelve shopping activities. According to data display from the taobao website, by 0:00 on 12th, There have already 110 million users eagerly waiting for the starting of the double twelve shopping activities, 2.05 million flicking cargo unit sweeping out the goods and 1.1 million sellers prepare all night for the activity fighting. But behind this there is a larger force in girding for this battle, which is express delivery industry.

Li Hailin, one of the best couriers, joined the logistics industry 7 years ago. As a representative of the employees, he onece participated in the selection of the best couriers of the Taobao.

On the double twelve day, Li Hailin’s workload is apparently not light. But this activities are of a bit quiet for him, whome has rich experience as a Express Personnel.

Li Hailin’s pickup has skyrocketed, what you can see from the picture is a car full of package. With the good reputation and excellent service, Li Hailin faces a lot of work that day, and when interviewing him, although he was very busy, he dealt it in an orderly way and step by step.

Li Hailin said: we basically can do with the dilivery quickly except those bad weather and a few remote areas, so large malls firstly come to us when they are sending urgent dilivery. Just said that and his phone rang again, which is an online shop in 10th floor asking him to pick nearly 40 parcels.

On 6 p.m., container truck arrived at the back door of the store to transport all the parcels to sorting station, meanwhile, Li Hailin are riding electric cars to sorting station, waiting for the arrival of the parcel.

It was 7 p.m. when the parcels reached, 10 more Express Personnels in the sorting station are busy with their work, swiping card, scaning the order, sorting. They must finish all the information before the cart get here to receive all the goods.

8 p.m. around, the container truck comes, and a day’s work is coming to an end after they pack the goods into the truck.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool

Located in the northern suburbs of kunming longquan foothills, the Black Dragon Pool is an ancient scenic area in Kunming covering an area of 91.4 hectares. Black Dragon Pool is composed of two areas: ancient architectural complex and Longquan plum visiting, and there are two pools which are separated by a bridge for a result of one clear spring water and other one muddy spring water; both two spring waters are conected with each other, but fish won’t jump over to other pools. Outside the Black Dragon Pool entrance is the Kunming institute of botany, where a plenty of the strange flowers and trees are planted there with the four seasons of flowers, which makes it a miniature of the yunnan “nation plant workers”.

Black Dragon Pool scenic area features many characteristic areas including Longquan Plum Garden, Longquan Osmanthus Garden, Longquan Boutique Park, Longquan Rhododendron Velley, Longquan Red Maple’s and Longquan Martyrs etc. Among which, the Longquan Plum Garden is the the southwest region’s largest reward plum resort and club research bases. There are thousands of plum trees, plum pile and ancient plum of one hundred year; besides, there are of the Yunnan local ethnic architecture pavilion, table, floor, shed with strong characteristics, which shows the unique temperament and interest of the Chinese plum culture.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool noawadays has planted a wide range of the plums behind its mountain and there are nearly 90 varieties and more than 6000 strains of red plums, white plums and green plums to form a new scenery there. Covering an area of 427 hectares, it is one of the biggest plum gardens in China and one of the 16 new scenic spots in Kunming.

Travel information: 1) Ticket price: 20 RMB/adult; 2) Opening time: 7:30 a.m. -17:30 p.m. 3) Playing time suggetion: 1 day; 4) Best time to visit: all the year round especially the early time of the winter when you can appreciate the beautiful plum blossom there. 5) Ways to go there: take the city buses no.9, 71, 115 to the Black Dragon Pool stop.

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake, located in the southwest of kunming, also called kunming lake or pond, is the largest plateau lakes in yunnan province and also the sixth largest fresh water lake in China. The view of the Dianchi lake is very beautiful with wide water surface.

The evaluation for the Dianchi lake view is various, and it may not be as the beautiful scenery in Guilin, but it is rare to see such wide waters on the plateau. Standing on the Longmen, you can have a birds’ eyes view of the beautiful Dinanchi Lake, which enjoys the reputation of the “Plateau Pearl”. You can also take a boat cruise on the Dinachi Lake to enjoy more charming scenery, along which are West Mountain Forest Park, Buddha Mountain, DaGuanLou, Haigeng Sports Park, Yunnan Ethnic Village and so on. It is undoubtedly an ideal place for sightseeing, entertainment and vacation.

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake was influenced by tertiary Himalayan crustal movement so that constituted the plateau limestone fault depression lake with 1886 meters above sea level and surrounded by dozens of mountains which are surrouded by waters under the daylight and sky cloud to form a beautiful natural picture. Its charm is the change of the cloud according to the sky wthin one day, and you will see various fantastic scene there. Haigeng Park and Cui Lake will gather tens of thousands of black-headed gull in winter every year and the black-headed gull flying on the lake surface is the highlight of the Dianchi Lake in winter.

Travel information: 1) Ticket price: 10 Yuan/adult; 2) Opening time: 24 hours; 3) Best time to visit: spring and summer time for sightseeing and autunm and winter time for the gull feeding; 4) Playing time suggestion: 2 hours; 5) Ways to go there: take the city buses No.24 and 44 to the Haigeng Park.

Renxiao Xin—The Monitor of the Quality Inspectors of the Generation after 90s

Renxiao Xin, born in 1991 in Heilongjiang province, is the youngest monitor of the quality inspectors in the Milk Products Plant of Yili in Tianjin. In this youngest, most fresh, and least patience age in the job market, Renxiao Xin, is engaged in the most boring and tedious work requiring most patience. She is a hard-working person who restrains her willfulness and random to make her great contribution and do her best to this most ordinary job in the eyes of other people.

7:30 a.m. every day, Renxiao Xin changes into labor suit, which not only mean the beginning of her job that day, it also means the change of her identity. That moment, she is not an ignorant child of the generation after 90s anymore, but a meticulous inspector. In order to avoid the inspection result caused by the dropped hair, she will tuck each hair habitually into the hat.

Raw milk testing work is the busiest in the morning. Renxiao Xin is testing the protein and other physicochemical indexes. She said the two-dimension code on the cup is the unique ID card of this raw milk, once something happens, it can find the problem source effectively.

Every time when testing semi-finished products, Renxiao Xin will automatically enter the “rapid response” model. She needs accurately detect every index and provide qualified sheet as the colleagues outside only take this document to arrange for the production process.

Beside the real practice, training is also an important way to boost their business skills. As a monitor, Renxiao Xin not only needs to understand the training content, but also needs to share the training lessons with her workmates. In photo, she is getting together with colleagues together to review the business training courses.

20 minutes before getting off work, Renxiao Xin begins to grope for the newly-come rapid microorganism testing instruments in laboratory, which is imported equipment with the price of more than 2 million and can shorten the Microbiological testing cycle from 5 days to 2 days. Although it is the English operating system, through the tutorial and self-study, she was fluent in the operation process.

Kui Ming Stone Forest

Kui Ming Stone Forest

Kui Ming Stone Forest

Kui Ming Stone Forest, also called Yunnan Stone Forest, is famous for its forest-like stones. It features a vast of scenic spot scope and various attractions including stone forest scenic zone, pine rock scenic zone, dragon waterfall scenic area, long lake scenic area, moon lake scenic area, Zhiyun cave scenic spot, strange wind tunnel scenic spot, Keisuke mountain national forest park etc.

Kui Ming Stone Forest

Kui Ming Stone Forest

The stone forest is a veritable “forest” of rock, when walking through it, you will see a plenty of strange stones standing in the forest with diffrent styles, guestures and apprearances. Stone pillars are separated from each other because of the action of limestone and it has formed the famous stone forest today as the collection of strange stone, waterfalls, lakes, karst cave, peak cluster, and hills after many years of wind and rain erosion, countless stone mountains, stalagnates, stalagmites, and clint. Yunnan stone forest karst is among the highest in the world karst region not only for its diversity of the distribution types, the uniqueness of lava development, the complexity of geological evolution and the aesthetics of rock mechanism, but also the fusion of humanistic amorous feelings, and accessibility of the inside view and so on, especially some areas of the stone forest are geological landform evolved into by overlapping coverage of the limestone and basalt, which is rarely seen all over the world.

Kui Ming Stone Forest

Kui Ming Stone Forest

The stone forest of yunnan is intoxicating with its unique ethnic customs. Covering an area of nearly 1100 square kilometers, among which reserve area of 350 square kilometers, it attracts numerous attention by its high aesthetic value. The charming natural scenery and unique human landscape photograph reflect each other to constitutethis magical scenery line of the stone forest, which makes this mysterious land of a domestic and foreign tourists yearning place. So, do not hesitate to pay a visit to enjoy the charming scenery there!

My Mother Is My Feet

Deng Yan, a 15-year-old girl living in Xiatangzhang village, Xiangshui town, Pan County of Guizhou province, has suffered congenital dwarfism when she was three years old and now is less than 70 cm tall. Her mother, Ao Xue Gui has been carrying her to school on foot with 4 km mountain road for nine years like one day. She has told the world with her own actions that she is a qualified good mother.

From Deng Yan’s home to school is all the rugged mountain road and it takes nearly 1 hour walking there for a normal people, which makes it almost impossible for Deng Yan to do that. Picture shows that the mother is preparing for the daughter going to school.

Deng Yan said: “My mother starts carrying me to school on her shoulder when I’m on grade one in my 6 years old, no matter it’s windy or rainy or hot weather, I have never be late, nor delay for a day’s work, because my mother is my feet. Picture shows that her parents help Deng Yan wear shoes and clothes before going to school every time meticulously.

“Though my daughter is disabled, she is smart and studious, especially likes painting and singing, I want to use your shoulders to pave a road to school for my daughter, and I will not let daughter out of school.” Said Ao Xue Gui. Picture shows that Deng Yan insist on not let mom take her upstairs after reaching school, waving hands to let mother back home.

After school, Deng Yan feels very warm and safe when lying on her mother’s shoulder on their way home.

AoXueGui is carrying Deng Yan in this way and walk for an hour mountain road home from school every day.

Deng Yan can deal with basic independent living herself, but some things have to ask her mother for help sometimes. She said she has a great dream, which is to help her mother to live a good and happy life, not laborious and fatica anymore. This desire has always supported her until now, and she hopes one day she can repay mother well.

An 81-year-old man—A Grave Keeper for 34 Unknown Soldiers for 65 Years

An old man, 34 soldiers tombs. Huzhaolun, a farmer of 81 years old in Chenji Village Huaiyuan County in Anhui Province, makes obligations to protect the most sacred soldiers in his heart at the tomb of the unknown. More than half a century, he goes to the tomb to turn a few laps everyday and clean the dead twigs and withered leaves. In the Spring Festival and the tomb-sweeping day, he is always holding a memorial ceremony for tomb, never stop. He said, during the course of his life he will always be here after the Martyrs cemetery is completed. 

Though the tombs have changed a lot during several decades, the old man’s memory has never disappeared.

As the revolutionary education base of the Chenji Village, Some primary and secondary schools, organizations often organize party members and cadres and students to visit and grave, and every time Hu Zhaolun are voluntarily come forward to tell them the heroic deeds of the martyrs.

Over the years, the biggest wish of this old man Hu Zhaolun is to hope that the government builds a cemetery for the martyrs. Today, his desire is gradually realized.

The local government has set up the table for the unknown soldiers and built fences and gradually moved those other 50 scattering soldiers’ tombs to Hu Zhaolun’s village to set it into a cemetery of revolutionary martyrs for future generations to admire. Photo shows that Hu Zhaolun and his wife are resting in their yard.

Beautiful Female Pilots in Lushan Earthquake

Zhangbo and Wangxin are the eighth group of female pilots of the air force and they have became the first female helicopter pilots of the Chengdu air force after training. They have repeatedly participated in major military operations and disaster relief missions, including participating in National Day military parade in 2009. During this Lushan earthquake relief work, they both shoulder this heavy task and went into the disaster area. Zhangbo is the first female helicopter pilot who went .into the disaster area for relief.

On April 26, Zhangbo and flight crews are researching the air line to go forth the earthquake-affected areas.

Zhangbo and Wangxin are checking the plane before perform the task.

Zhangbo and Wangxin and flight crews are preparing for the departure.

Until the 5 P.M. of the 26th of April, Zhangbo and Wangxin have completed 15 flight missions and 15.7 tons supplies transportation to the earthquake-affected areas.

Wangxin got ready for the flight.

Zhangbo got ready for boarding.

They have made great contribution for the rescue and relief missions and were awarded the “national earthquake relief heroes collective” during the Wenchuan earthquake relief work in 2008.