Broad and Narrow Alley

Each city has a place that can best represent it. Broad and Narrow Alley is an ancient street of Qing Dynasty, which is composed of wide alley, well alley and narrow alley, and it is one of the must-see attractions in Chengdu. The three alleys of Broad and Narrow Alley are all parallel. You can walk from one alley to the other and then turn to another alley to continue going shopping.

There are a lot of shops in the alley, as well as a variety of restaurants that gather snacks. Whether it is a large or small store, they all focus on the concept of slow life in Chengdu, which is also the most attractive place in Chengdu. When you come here, you can easily put down your guard, let go of tension, and integrate here in the most natural state of life, not only will you feel the physical satisfaction, but also the spiritual comfort.

The streets are all scented with the smell of food, every snack looks unique, making people want to taste it! The craftsmen inheritors here have various cultures that cannot be materialized. The sugar man is one of them. The cute little dolls rotate the compass and where the pointer stops, sugar master will use the candy to make the corresponding patterns, and the fresh playing method makes the children enjoy themselves.

When you come to Broad and Narrow Alley, you must experience an ear-pick service here. Picking ones’ ears is a unique folk craft in old Chengdu. Everyone who tried it said that it was like a fairy. In Broad and Narrow Alley and Jinli Street, you can see the ear-pick service when you casually walk around. The craft is similar. You must try it here to experience how ecstatic this craft is. After all, it is not easy to experience this kind of experience in other places.

In Broad and Narrow Alley, you can easily see young people who love music sing songs passionately, or hit their notes on musical instruments. If you are interested, you can listen to them quietly to feel more about them.

Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo is located in Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. It is the largest urban zoo in China and has a history of more than 100 years. The Beijing Zoo is divided into three areas: east, south and north area. The main entrance of the zoo is located in the east area. In the north area of the zoo, there is the Beijing Aquarium (separate ticket purchase is required).

There are a lot of rare animals such as giant panda, golden monkey, Siberian tiger, white-lipped deer, elk, pony, red-crowned crane, and representative animals from all over the world, such as chimpanzee in Africa, kangaroo, jaguar, Mexican manatee, European bison, etc. The Amphibious Reptile Pavilion is divided into upper and lower floors, exhibiting more than 100 kinds of reptiles from all over the world, including one of the world’s largest crocodiles, the estuarine crocodile. You can refer to the signs in the zoo or the guide map on the official website to choose your favorite venue.

When playing in the zoo, you can also take children to the Science Museum to learn about animals. The Science Museum often holds various science lectures. The specific time and courses can be found on the official website.

The Beijing Zoo is lined with trees and has a large green area, which is very suitable for outings and parent-child activities. Beijing’s “Gu Guo Si Snack” has a branch in the zoo. There is a Beijing clothing wholesale market near the zoo. The National Library, Beijing Planetarium and Zizhuyuan Park are also nearby.

Beijing Zoo is not only a paradise for children but also a favorite place for adults. The area of the scenic spot is very large, it is best to prepare the strategy in advance and arrange the route reasonably. Remember to bring snacks and water to add energy. Choose the best season such as the spring season to take a visit there, you will enjoy yourself in the zoo.

Beijing Happy Valley

Beijing Happy Valley is located in the southeast corner of Sifang Bridge, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, which is covering an area of 1 million square meters. Beijing Happy Valley has carefully set up more than 120 experience projects, including more than 40 entertainment equipment, more than 50 cultural and ecological landscapes, more than 10 artistic performances, more than 20 themed games and commercial auxiliary projects, making it can meet the needs of different groups of people.

Here, young people can enjoy the stunning experience of the world’s six entertainment devices such as Crystal God Wings and Apollo, and fully feel the romance and mystery brought by Shangri-La’s “Golden Face Dynasty”. The elderly can follow the footprints of the Aegean Harbor and Mayan town, board the soothing Atlantis gathering spaceship, look for historical relics, sort out the veins of civilization, and feel the fantastic humanistic charm of the major theme partitions. Children can walk into the kingdom of ants and learn a lot about the knowledge of society, nature and ecology. They can appreciate acceleration, weightlessness, experience the diversity of vegetation, the fun of art, color, nature, music and sports.

Beijing Happy Valley is composed of seven cultural themed areas including “Fjord Forest, Aegean Port, Lost Maya, Shangri-La, Dessert Kingdom, Atlantis, Happy Hour”, etc. Through thematic cultural packaging and story interpretation, the building and sculpture, Gardens, murals, performances, entertainment and other forms, it shows visitors a colorful earth’s ecological environment and regional culture. The world’s classic civilization and creative wisdom are selected in the park, and more than 50 theme landscapes, more than 10 themed performances, more than 30 themed rides, more than 20 themed games and commercial auxiliary facilities have created a mysterious and dreamy world. More than 300,000 square meters of greenery and 80,000 square meters of lake surface give Happy Valley a good ecological environment; seven major theme areas give Happy Valley a unique humanistic temperament; the international and domestic double standards of safety testing, humanized service support and intelligence information system of the whole garden gives Happy Valley world-class quality. It is a great place to enjoy a holiday with your family.