Yuyan Garden- Shanghai

Yayuan is very popular as well as classic garden which is located in Aren Jie in Shanghai. This garden was completed in the year 1577 by Pan Yunduan which was a government officer in the Ming Dynasty. Yu means satisfying and pleasing in china and this garden was made for enjoying the happy and tranquil time.

In nearly four hundred year of the existence of Yujuan Garden, it has undergone many types of changes. During the war of opium in 19th century, it was damaged and after that it was restored in the year 1956 and was opened for public in the year 1961.


This garden is extended in area about twenty thousand square meter or about five acres. It has many unique characteristics like rockeries, halls, pavilions, ponds and clusters. You can enjoy main six scenic areas wanhua Chamber, Huijing Hall, Sansui Hall, Dianchun hall , Inner garden and Yahua Hall. Each of these areas is fulled with various scenic spots within their borders.

When you will enter this garden you will see a rockery which is also known as the Great Rockery. It has height about 50 feet and it is one of the oldest as well as largest rookeries in the Yangtze River’s Southern region. From the top of this rockery, you can get the bird eye view of this garden. At the foot of this rockery lies the Cuixiu Hall. This place is surrounded with beautiful flower and old trees. You can also find curio shops in Cuixiu Hall.

Sansui hall was built in the year 1760 and used for the entertainment of guests. Later one it was used to hold the ceremonies. It has height about 30 feets and have five halls. It is most commodious and largest structure in the garden.in the areas of Wanhua Chambers and Yule Pavilion you can find corridors, pavilions, courtyards, streams and other natural features. Chamber of Wnahua is dedicately chased building which is surrounded by the derious cloister. You can find the spring bamboos beside the cloisters. Yayuan garden

On the east of Wanhua chamber, lies the Dianchun Hall area. It also includes Relic Hall, Hexu hall, Acting and sing stage and ancient well pavilion. It also has the headquarters of Xiaodau Hi which was a revolt group and fought against the Qing Dynasty government.



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