Bund, Shanghai- A place for history and culture

Shanghai has the one of the main attraction for the tourists in China and is full of history and culture. The Bund stretches for one mile from the bank of the river Huangpu and a well known waterfront esplanade. You can enjoy the fascinating view of Shanghai through the extensive walkway of the riverfront on the bank of this river especially at the night time. You can easily get boats which frequently depart from Shiliupu Pier to the south of the Bund and this journey takes approximate three hour’s time.


You can see the glistening waters of the river Huangpu and enjoy the incredible view of the historic architectures. You can also enjoy the modern sky scrapers and experience the local people’s life by doing Tai Chi or playing the game Chinese checker at the park. You can also look into the promenade which has an amazing architecture which has the styles ranging from Neo-Renaissance, Classic, French Baroque and Art Nouveau. The history of this place also backs to when the British established their trade and banks houses and also created a European style landscape in that area. During the War of Chinese Civil, financial investors had relocated and now days it has evolved as a Shanghai’s financial district and home for many companies related to finance in last two decades. Due to the major reconstruction of Bund by the Shanghai in the year 2008, it has become more tourists friendly and it has been made open for public in the year 2010.

You can visit the Colonial era buildings which has former Hong Kong Bank, Former Shanghai Club which is now called as Waldorf Astoria hotel, Peach Hotel. It also has a Bund History Museum which has free admission during 9 am to 4:15 pm. You can also visit Huangpu Gong Yan which was built in the year 1868 and was previously known as the British Public Garden. Bund Sightseeing tunnel is another attraction for the tourists. Oriental Pearl Tower offers spectacular view, recreation and restaurants. Statue of Chen Yi is another thing to view in Bund.



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