Avoiding tourist Traps

The main difference between the tourist attraction and tourist trap is that the tourist attraction offers you genuine interest and something of sightseeing or recreational values and is worth to your money as well as time whereas the tourist trap is set up for your exploitation. What you will be offered is not worth money and the time and tourist generally feed disappointed, cheated and bored. There might be the difference of the opinion here on value for money and what is worthwhile.  The tourist trap to one might look genuine attraction to another.

It is therefore necessary that you should be very much careful about the products that you are going to buy is a genuine one and you are not influenced by the views of any person. You should also see that the things that seems interesting and you want to take home with you is the worthy one and not a fake one.

If you are interested in some particular product then you should make sure that you are purchasing it for the genuine shop and getting a receipt after your purchase. This will also help you to prevent from any kind of problem occurring during the transportation of those items to your place or country.

It is seen that there is a huge chance of tourist trap at shops, lone hawkers at various tourist attractions as well as other tourist-frequented locations which sell over priced goods or unsuspecting market.  There is a huge difference between the local price, tourist price and foreigner price and it is the principle in the mindset of many vendors.

It is also necessary that you should be prepared and get some information about the places that you are going to visit. You can also take the help of the travel agencies or the tour guide if you feel any problem.


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