Renxiao Xin—The Monitor of the Quality Inspectors of the Generation after 90s

Renxiao Xin, born in 1991 in Heilongjiang province, is the youngest monitor of the quality inspectors in the Milk Products Plant of Yili in Tianjin. In this youngest, most fresh, and least patience age in the job market, Renxiao Xin, is engaged in the most boring and tedious work requiring most patience. She is a hard-working person who restrains her willfulness and random to make her great contribution and do her best to this most ordinary job in the eyes of other people.

7:30 a.m. every day, Renxiao Xin changes into labor suit, which not only mean the beginning of her job that day, it also means the change of her identity. That moment, she is not an ignorant child of the generation after 90s anymore, but a meticulous inspector. In order to avoid the inspection result caused by the dropped hair, she will tuck each hair habitually into the hat.

Raw milk testing work is the busiest in the morning. Renxiao Xin is testing the protein and other physicochemical indexes. She said the two-dimension code on the cup is the unique ID card of this raw milk, once something happens, it can find the problem source effectively.

Every time when testing semi-finished products, Renxiao Xin will automatically enter the “rapid response” model. She needs accurately detect every index and provide qualified sheet as the colleagues outside only take this document to arrange for the production process.

Beside the real practice, training is also an important way to boost their business skills. As a monitor, Renxiao Xin not only needs to understand the training content, but also needs to share the training lessons with her workmates. In photo, she is getting together with colleagues together to review the business training courses.

20 minutes before getting off work, Renxiao Xin begins to grope for the newly-come rapid microorganism testing instruments in laboratory, which is imported equipment with the price of more than 2 million and can shorten the Microbiological testing cycle from 5 days to 2 days. Although it is the English operating system, through the tutorial and self-study, she was fluent in the operation process.

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