Popular tourist Destinations and best time to visit there

You can visit grassland in Tibet.  The weather of Tibet is featured with the big temperature changes and clear skies. Beijing and Xi’an are hot, dry in summer and cold in the winter. Shanghai and its nearby areas like Hangzhou, Suzhou and Yellow mountains, Guilin and Hong Kong experiences monsoon rains in the summer and spring. It also has hot summer and mild winters.

You can visit Harbin in winter to enjoy Ice festival and ski slopes. Tibet has big temperature differences and best avoided in the frigid winter. The Silk Road to the northwest is also having the warmer months. Visiting deserts and barren vistas can be a good idea.

Beautiful Places in China

Tropical Hainan is sunny escape for the holidaymakers at any time of the year. Chengdu is the overcast city which has hot summers and cold dreary winters. Kunming is also known as the Spring City and it has pleasant weather all round the year.

You can enjoy winter at Yabuli Ski Resort in the Northern China which is having the daytime temperature around -30°C. North-Central China has the climate similar to Kansas and Nebraska with less rain and snow during the winter. Hot and dry summer and cold winter and late winter and early spring bringing regular dust storms as well as haze can be seen.

Central and Southern China is comparable to the Gulf coast areas though the winter storms are not frequent.  Rainfall is also concentrated in the stormy monsoon months during late spring and throughout summer. It has relatively dry and settled autumn and winter. Summer is hot as well as humid whereas winter is cool, shorter and overcasted with drizzle. Weather of Northeast China in similar to that of Minnesota having dry and short warm summer and long and very cold winter. Crescent lake near the Dunhunag area in Western China is another place to visit which has annual precipitation around 23 mm.

Best place in china.

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