My Father Is an ALS Person—Ma Ziyi

Ma Ziyi’s father Ma Yalai and mother Chen Qingchun is university classmate and they live in west Shili Village, Yunshan Street, Qinzhou City Shandong Province. The eight-year-old XiaoZi originally has a happy family, however, this happy life broken in one spring day in 2009 because of ALS happened on her father who is only 38 years old. From then on, all the happiness and hope of this family have also been completely frozen.

 The family was happy and sweet before.

 Since the father of the little Ziyi got sick, her mother has sought treatment for her husband for one year but ended up with failure. At the same time spent all home savings. Now the family can only live in a confined space in ruins.

 As there is no central heating in the ruin house, the whole family can only do live in the cold in winter and the water in water vat will be frozen then.

 But her mother uses both hands every two seconds to dad on the chest of her husband lying on the bed for totally three years in order to extend the father’s life. The mother said, she insisted on her husband instead of abandoning him, this is because of love, daughter and her husband here then their home is here. She doesn’t hope her daughter cannot see her dad when she is pushing the door after school.

Though the father is staying on the bed, but as long as he is here, there is a sweet, a love, a kind of company. Maybe accompanying in the dad’s side is the most happiness thing to the little Ziyi.

Not well-off family conditions cannot offer Ziyi good living environment and can only live a simple life and look for fun by her and treats the big yellow dog in the home as her playmate.

 Many peole came to see and help them when their story spreading on the internet.

Their story has moved by tens of thousands of Internet users and their readers. The micro film “The Youth of Malaiya” is a story based on the special family produced by famous poet Haixiao. In the photo, Haixiao visit this family and donated to them on behalf of this micro film team.

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