Foods to eat in China

Chinese are pride on themselves for eating a different range of foods and the Chinese cuisine has an interesting history. This article will provide you some tips on the Chinese foods.

Beggar’s chicken is one of the highly recommended dishes if you are going on a trip to Hangzhou. This is a typical Zhejiang dish with the savory aroma and the tender chicken meat. This dish is served on a lotus leaf which tastes fresher as well as less greasy. Beggar’s chicken is served in the restaurants of Hangzhou widely and best one for tasting the beggar chicken is at the Louwailou which costs around 170 yuan.

Beggar's Chicken

Beggar’s Chicken

Bamboo Rice is another dish which is cooked with the rice and pork in a section of the fresh green bamboos until the bamboos are seared. The food is very much delicious having the fresh fragrance of bamboo. Bamboo rice is available in various places in china and especially in the regions of Dai and Yao minority people. So, you can enjoy this dish at several places like while traveling to Yunnan Province, Guilin, Guizhou Province and Taiwan.

Preserved Egg is the shiny dark grey having snowflake pattern. This unique product of egg was created by the people of China during the Ming Dynasty. Apart from its unique taste, preserved egg is very much useful in curing hoarseness as well as dispelling the bad effects of alcohol.

Stinky tofu is very much smelly and having an ugly appearance. But, if you will try it at least once, then you will definitely like its taste. This stinky tofu in Changsha is the most famous having crispy skin and a spicy and fresh taste. You can enjoy this dish in almost all most traveled cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, Hangzhou and Xi’an.

Tofu Taifun

Tofu Taifun

Fried bee pupae are a dish which is rich in nutrition having high protein and low fat content. They are used as a ingredient for cooking dishes in Fenghuang Ancient Town, Zhangjiajie, Yunnan Province and Southeast Guizhou. You can also get different varieties of pupae like steamed bee pupa, stir-fried bee pupa, etc.

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