Dates to Avoid When Planning a China Tour

If you are planning a tour to China then you must be aware about some of the dates which you should avoid like golden week and the other times when the flights are very much expensive. This article will provide you some tips that will help you in this regard.

The Golden week of the National day holiday and this is from September 20 to October 10 in the 2013. Almost all the Chinese people go for holiday in the beginning of the month of October for the celebration of Chinese National Day. At this time, most of the local people travel to the domestic cities which makes the popular tourist destinations crowded and traffic very busy. The transport as well as hotel price are increased which lead to the high-budget travel.

Planning a tour during the time of Labor Day Holiday should also be avoided when you are planning a tour in China. Though this holiday only last for three days, the tourist peaks last to many days. There is crowd, high travel cost, busy transportation, long waiting times during this period which can be very much frustrating.

During the time of spring festival there is rush and congested transportation especially in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other big cities. There is rush during this festival last for about 40 days. But, you can enjoy for the first five days of the Chinese New Year.  Because, most of the Chinese people like to stay at home for these five days and lightens the pressure of the transport and you can also get the cheap fight tickets at this time.

In 2013 one of the most congested periods on China’s transport will be January 26 – February 8, when people are homeward bound. Another busy time will be February 15 – March 6, when millions of migrant workers and college students rush back to their work places and colleges. So traveling in China during these periods is likely to be challenge.

You should also avoid trip during the celebration of Tibetan New year as Tibet is closed for the foreign travelers during this period. So, you should plan your trip accordingly to avoid any kind of problem due to the unavailability of room in the hotels, excess crowding, transport chaos, etc.


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