Crazy Express Personnel

Taobao grasped the business chance on December 12, 2012 to launch the double twelve shopping activities. According to data display from the taobao website, by 0:00 on 12th, There have already 110 million users eagerly waiting for the starting of the double twelve shopping activities, 2.05 million flicking cargo unit sweeping out the goods and 1.1 million sellers prepare all night for the activity fighting. But behind this there is a larger force in girding for this battle, which is express delivery industry.

Li Hailin, one of the best couriers, joined the logistics industry 7 years ago. As a representative of the employees, he onece participated in the selection of the best couriers of the Taobao.

On the double twelve day, Li Hailin’s workload is apparently not light. But this activities are of a bit quiet for him, whome has rich experience as a Express Personnel.

Li Hailin’s pickup has skyrocketed, what you can see from the picture is a car full of package. With the good reputation and excellent service, Li Hailin faces a lot of work that day, and when interviewing him, although he was very busy, he dealt it in an orderly way and step by step.

Li Hailin said: we basically can do with the dilivery quickly except those bad weather and a few remote areas, so large malls firstly come to us when they are sending urgent dilivery. Just said that and his phone rang again, which is an online shop in 10th floor asking him to pick nearly 40 parcels.

On 6 p.m., container truck arrived at the back door of the store to transport all the parcels to sorting station, meanwhile, Li Hailin are riding electric cars to sorting station, waiting for the arrival of the parcel.

It was 7 p.m. when the parcels reached, 10 more Express Personnels in the sorting station are busy with their work, swiping card, scaning the order, sorting. They must finish all the information before the cart get here to receive all the goods.

8 p.m. around, the container truck comes, and a day’s work is coming to an end after they pack the goods into the truck.

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