Chenmao—Tired Angel in Lushan Earthquake Area

Chenmao, 25 years old, is a Yaan local resident and also a nurse of people’s hospital of brain surgery in Yaan city. On April 20th morning, Chen Mao got ready to go home after work when the earthquake suddenly happened. After Chen Mao trotted out of the locker room and took the patient to the safety, she went in a hurry to Ya’an People’s Hospital of makeshift tents to take care of the patients. She has been here working continuously for more than 60 hours and didn’t eat and sleep normally for three days and three nights when the reporters saw her.

The head nurse said that Chen Mao should go home and rest after the night shift, but she continued going into the work without complaints when the earthquake happened. Through the chat with Chen Mao, the reporter understands, Chen Mao has not been home eight hours before earthquake, and she has been working for more than 60 hours. The head nurse let her go home and change clothes and rest for half a day before participating in the work again, but just refused and said to the head nurse, “ there will be a lot of injured victims come over, how a person can also be a strength.”

When she is very sleepy, she just sits on a bench power nap for a while and she will wake up while hearing the call for an ambulance to wait for the injured getting into the shed. Chen Mao is in brain surgery, most of the injured to the brain surgery for treatment are much more serious. Chenmao said, up to now there have been picked up at least 10 patients and three more severe patients finish the treatment. Chen Mao chatted with reporters and took care of the injured victims at the same time.

After the reporters left, Chen Mao still moves back and forth in the tents full of patient to take care for them. When feels hungry, she just eat a mouthful of bread and drink hot water when thirsty and sitting on the edge of the bed napping for a while when sleepy—this is Chen Mao one day’s work to do her best and every effort to help the people in the earthquake in Ya’an.

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