Beautiful Female Pilots in Lushan Earthquake

Zhangbo and Wangxin are the eighth group of female pilots of the air force and they have became the first female helicopter pilots of the Chengdu air force after training. They have repeatedly participated in major military operations and disaster relief missions, including participating in National Day military parade in 2009. During this Lushan earthquake relief work, they both shoulder this heavy task and went into the disaster area. Zhangbo is the first female helicopter pilot who went .into the disaster area for relief.

On April 26, Zhangbo and flight crews are researching the air line to go forth the earthquake-affected areas.

Zhangbo and Wangxin are checking the plane before perform the task.

Zhangbo and Wangxin and flight crews are preparing for the departure.

Until the 5 P.M. of the 26th of April, Zhangbo and Wangxin have completed 15 flight missions and 15.7 tons supplies transportation to the earthquake-affected areas.

Wangxin got ready for the flight.

Zhangbo got ready for boarding.

They have made great contribution for the rescue and relief missions and were awarded the “national earthquake relief heroes collective” during the Wenchuan earthquake relief work in 2008.

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