A 63 – year – old Cancer Woman Takes Care of Paraplegia Husband for 13 Years in Taiyuan

“As long as he lives, I wouldn’t give up.”Said by Wu Huaixiu, a 63-year-old woman living in Yingze district in Taiyuan city. Although she had cancer, she still keeps taking care of her paraplegic husband for 13 years.

A car accident in 2000 let Wu Huaixiu’s husband Ma Enzuo spine fracture, which caused the body below the chest totally have no consciousness, fingers cannot bend, and every day can only be collapsed on the bed with urine incontinence.

After getting out of hospital, Ma Enzuo cannot even speak any word, Wu Huaixiu take care of her husband meticulously: cook food, tidy up room, change urinary catheter, change the urine bag, help to clean body, help him do exercise and massage.

As day after day taking care of her paralyzed husband for ten years in total, the 50-year-old Wu Huaixiu got the cancer finally. “Two years ago, I found out with cervical cancer. The moment my doctor told me about it, what I had in mind was that if I died, there was no one taking care my husband.” So Wu Huaixiu made a big decision, and didn’t notice her husband and daughter and went to the operating table herself.

Wu Huaixiu had hysterectomy surgery in 2010, but still had to take medicine. Performed the operation need medication for three years in accordance with the provisions, but the cash-strapped Wu Huaixiu ate only a year of the medicine and stopped it to save money for her family.

When the weather is warm, Wu Huaixiu will push Ma Enzuo to walk in the park. They two playing badminton in the park has become a unique sight. They will show their sound by joining the chorus after playing badminton.

Wu Huaixiu taking care of her husband’s deeds for 13 years has touched by the community residents, and the community recommends Wu Huaixiu as the “Shanxi role model”, hoping to inspire more people to her spirit.

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