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Guangxi Travel – Taking the High Speed Trains to Enjoy the Charm

tuesday 01 december 2015 at 17h10

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Which route is the favorite high speed routes for the tourists? The reporter learned from the Tourism Development Committee of the Guangxi autonomous region before, ten award-winning travel routes of "taking the high-speed rail to travel around Guangxi” "has been released." Such as the routes of “Love me, take me to see the sea in guangxi ", "you accompany me to grow up, I accompany you travel around Guangxi" have been selected, and the nanning scenic spots such as the Qingxiu mountain, underwater world, daming mountain appear in the circuit.

Three Provinces in West China Join Hands to Promote the “big shangri-la” travel

friday 20 november 2015 at 17h21

Categories : Travel Tips

The National Tourism Office in western China, the sichuan province, yunnan province, Tibet autonomous region tourism in Panzhihua sichuan province formally established "shangrila tourism promotion alliance in China" in November 16, 2015.

Qinghai Lake – Enjoy the Unique Winter Scenery in China

monday 16 november 2015 at 17h21

Categories : Travel Tips

The first snow of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has whitened the Qinghai lake. However, one of the partner of the Lao Zhou youth hostel YuFang isn't going to like other hostel owner stepping into "hibernation". Winter Qinghai lake is like a silver mirror, under setting off by the pure blue sky, white snow mountain,  and the red ochre withered grass, it looks as a charming landscape. For the development of tourism routes in winter season, another partner of the Lao zhou youth hostel Zhoucai has made many attempts.

Hainan Travel - the high speed railway around the island is expected to open in the end of this year

tuesday 27 october 2015 at 17h06

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When mentioned the hainan island, many people think of the famous scenic spots in the south of the island. Actually the hainan island has beautiful scenery and rich resources, everybody knows very little in the past, there is one important reason, that is the traffic inconvenience, but from next year the situation will change. On Oct. 13, hainan island West Loop high speed railway will enter into the overall alignment joint-test high-speed phase, if all goes well at the end of this year it will be opened to traffic. By then it will become an organic whole repeatedly with east ring high speed railway, around the island, become the propeller of the hainan tourism and the new luminescent spot. Because this is the only global high speed rail around the island, and if you donot  take a trip when arriving in hainan, you will regret.

Why Have Travel in Guilin, China?

friday 23 october 2015 at 15h36

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Here comes the autumn festival, and the comfortable weather makes it suitable for many travelers in the world plan to have a travel here and there. And if you do not where to go, you can just consider touring in Guilin, China. 

China High Speed Trains – Enjoy 7-Day China Golden Triangle Train Tour During National Day Holiday

monday 31 august 2015 at 17h30

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Here comes to the end of the August, and the long holiday of the China National Day is coming in a month, and if you have no ideas where to travel but want to enjoy yourself and discover more about the natural scenery in China, I will recommend the 7 days tour route for you in China, yes, by taking high speed trains, which is also a way to save money and time at the same time.

The Rose Follower Pickers

thursday 21 may 2015 at 09h06

Categories : Macau Attractions

The quietness of the Zhujia village in Xixiang county in Shangxi province is broken in three o’clock in the morning. After a few dog calling, a group of villagers ride electric cars, circling down the mountainside road, toward the rose garden in the edge of the valley. Light is moving in the distance, with the villagers' voices, from far and near. Agitation of the village, is the result of1600 mu of roses in the village. Harvest season is coming, for the people in the mountains, this is a good chance to earn pocket money.

The Dentist and His Craftsmanship

monday 20 april 2015 at 13h32

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Xu Kaijieis a visiting staff of the General Dentistry Stomatological hospital of Peking University, the 33-year-old Doctor Xu is the first batch of "general dentistry" in the hospital, which means that all the symptoms about the teeth, he basically will come into contact with. In his eyes, Dentist is a kind of Craftsmanship, and each patient's mouth is the works that needs to put his mind to carve.

Spring Time – Taking Family Tour to China!

friday 19 december 2014 at 07h54

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Yes, spring is around the corner, if you are a person who loves preparing everything well before doing it, you are surely hoping to have a good preparation on your tour plan for the next year. Here, just make your plan to have a family tour with your family members in China to feel the charm of the nature and get close touch with the fantastic nature without busying your business or any other issues. Want it? Go!

Tour to China in 2015

friday 19 december 2014 at 07h43

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Here comes the end of this year, yes, December now, anyone who want to take a tour to China next year can start to make your plan now in order to have an enjoyable and comfortable trip. Of course, the capital of China must be included into your China tour plan, and the ancient city Xi’an also a great highlight to know more about the culture heritage and history of China, besides, the Guilin city, a hot and popular travel city in the world, also cannot be missed if you want to enjoy the picturesque landscape of nature. Moreover, the Shanghai city being an big metropolises in China will show you the fashionable and unique scenery and more local culture to you.



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